Stephen Woolston

John Barry: A Sixties Theme

It’s been like waiting for a bus: You wait for oh-so long and then two come along at once. At the time of writing, Geoff Leonard’s book JOHN BARRY – A LIFE IN MUSIC is not yet out. Consequently, comparison between Leonard’s book and researcher-journalist Eddi Fiegel’s tome, JOHN BARRY – A SIXTIES THEME, is…

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Preserving the Legacy of John Barry

“It might interest you to know,” says James Fitzpatrick of Silva Screen records, “that over the last six years Silva Screen has recorded over 560 minutes of John Barry’s music.” In that time, Fitzpatrick has produced a glut of John Barry re-recordings, including themes from HANOVER STREET and ELEANOR AND FRANKUN, suites from THE TAMARIND…

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