Claudio Fuiano

John Barry

Act I: Origins of a musical genius In inaugurating a gallery of famous musicians, one couldn’t pick a better candidate than John Barry. His name is intricately tied to Lounge Music, thanks mainly to his memorable themes and musical atmospheres created for the James Bond movies, which exploded internationally in the early Sixties. John Barry…

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Mario Nascimbene

You often use “sounds” in your film scores. A heartbeat in DOCTOR FAUSTUS, sounds of nature in the “Dinosaur” films, a typewriter in ROMA ORE 11, the rustling of the wind in BARABBAS, etc. Does that reflect your interest in experimentation when you score a picture, or do you do it to have fun, to…

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Nicola Piovani

This interview took place at the Forum Recording Studio in Rome, which is the place for recording film music. Nicola Piovani was recording the score for Fellini’s GINGER E FRED (1986) at the time, but he took time off to discuss his career, which spans 16 years and37 films. Do you score people or situations…

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