Andrew Douglas

ET: The Extra-Terrestrial

Craig Anderson’s letter In CinemaScore #15 (p.30)* raises once again that tired old question: just how original is an Original Soundtrack? I was initially dubious at Craig’s suggestion that John Williams had “lifted almost intact” his score for E.T. from Howard Hanson’s Romantic Symphony (it couldn’t be the other way around, as Craig allowed: the…

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Film Music in Brazil

Of South American countries, Brazil is probably the most visible cinematically, with a large and prolific film industry. Likewise, its efforts in film music are also noteworthy and predominant among South American film making countries. A recent issue of the Brazilian magazine Film Cultura (Vol. 14 #37, Jan/March 1981) discussed the state of the art…

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Film Music in China

Cinema in China developed slowly, the first locally made film being an adaptation of scenes from a Chinese opera, Tingchun Mountain, made in 1908. When sound came to motion pictures, Chinese filmmakers found themselves burdened with the additional problem of producing synchronized talkies for a multidialect population. As a result, a decentralization of film production…

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