Ralf Schuder

Eugen Thomass

Eugen Thomass was born in Munich in 1927. He studied literature, psychology, theatre and music in the same city. He currently [1987] writes music chiefly for television, although the successful German film, FLEISCH (which is similar in concept to the American picture, COMA) numbers among his works. In 1982 he was awarded the first prize…

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Hans-Martin Majewski

Hans Martin Majewski was born in Schlawe in 1911. Since 1932 he has devoted himself exclusively to music, and in 1935 he moved to Berlin where he became the musical manager of the “Theater des Volkes” (People’s Theatre). He wrote two operettas, and in 1940 he composed his first film music which promptly got him…

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Rolf Wilhelm

Rolf Wilhelm was born in Munich in 1927. He got his musical education in Vienna and finished it in Munich after a two year’s break caused by the War. From 1945 until 1954 he wrote the music tor approximately 350 radio plays for the “Bayerischer Rundfunk” (Bavarian Radio). After the foundation of the German television…

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