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Robocop 2: Bass Metal

RoboBackground As often happens with successful films, in terms of box office receipts (particularly those of the science fiction and action variety), ROBOCOP returned to duty for a sequel in 1990. The title refers both to its status as a follow-up and the name of the second law enforcement cyborg in the film and it…

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Leonard Rosenman

Wolfgang Breyer: Maybe it would be best if you briefly discussed your early life as a musician… My early life as a musician did not exist: I was a painter originally, and I started piano lessons at the age of 15 just as a hobby. And then I began to win prizes for my piano…

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Leonard Rosenman on Scoring Star Trek IV

It’s hard to believe that it’s been twenty years since STAR TREK first appeared on our TV screens, and it’s only appropriate that Paramount Studios has released the latest installment in the film series this same year. STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME stars most of the original cast and is once again directed by…

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