In The Tracks of Maurice Jarre

Bandes originales Maurice Jarre

Bandes originales: Maurice Jarre

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60 years of successful career, 200 film scores, 70 years of theater … From the most beautiful hours of TNP to the Academy Awards of “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Doctor Zhivago”, Maurice Jarre is a film legend.

He lived between Switzerland and Los Angeles where he invited the audience to a private interview in the heart of his creative universe. In front of his piano, facing a magnificent landscape which surrounds him, he tells the audience about his life made of music, uplifting them into the deepest of his memories.

Format : PAL
Language : French/ English

Price : 19,99 € TTC

• Documentary : 76 min
• Book : 16 pages, texts + photos – French / English
• Bonus : 130 mn


Conversations with participants : 93 mn
Adrian Lyne – Director / USA
David Lean – Director / UK
George Miller – Director / Australia
Jacques Dorfmann – Director / France
Jean-Pierre Mocky – Director / France
Jean Rochefort – Actor / France
Jonathan Allen – Production sound mixer / Abbey Road / UK
Stéphane Lerouge – Specialist film music / France
Omar Sharif – Actor / France
Peter Weir – Director / Australia
Volker Schlöndorff – Director/ Germany

Conversations with Maurice Jarre : 33 mn

• Auxerre Film Festival (2007)
• Osaka European Film Festival (2008)
• Ghent International Film Festival (2008)
• Radio France and Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon Film Festival (2008)
• Jecheon Film Festival (2011)

In the Tracks of is a documentary series about the greatest of film score. How a film score is created? How is it “made”? The series aims to explore the relations between music and cinema and to propose a deeper reflection upon the creative process. Famous songwriters are privileged witnesses. Thanks to their great experience, they are able to share their passion with us while analyzing the field and scope of their work.


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